A week of editing

DSCF9098-EditFor the next week when I won’t be studying for finals, working on final projects or attending class I’ll have Adobe Premiere in front of my face.

The time has come to finish editing the ┬áscenes of my film “Demon Sorority Lumberjacks” into semi-completed project. “Semi” meaning a rough cut documentary style for my senior project and finishing up scenes in post production in order to complete the film for entries into film festivals starting Summer 2014. I do have a teaser trailer put together which gives me a longer grace period to finish up editing the final scenes in my queue.

On top of finishing up the editing for “Demon Sorority Lumberjacks” I have three promos, a “What’s Trending,” and a few interviews to complete for work. So a busy upcoming week of editing that will sure turn out to be a rewarding one.